Samuel Frandssen Bø

Male Abt 1616 - Bef 1676  (< 60 years)

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Amund Simensen Heggen
Male Abt 1685-Abt 1749
Ambiør Olsdatter Kalstad
Female Abt 1690-Abt 1728
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Ole Simensen Heggen
Male Abt 1692-Bef 1763
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Simen Amundsen Heggen
Male Abt 1658-Abt 1719
Amund Simensen Heggen
Male Abt 1610-Bef 1664
Frands Christensen Skåe
Male Bef 1686-Bef 1722
Svend Christensen Skåe
Male Bef 1688-Bef 1767
Kari Bergersdatter Kramprud
Female Bef 1705-Bef 1765
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Samuel Christensen Skåe
Male Bef 1693-Bef 1744
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Christen Frandsen Skaaden
Male Abt 1653-Bef 1697
Berte Mogensdatter Tande
Female Bef 1700-Bef 1705
Ole Mogensen Tande
Male Bef 1702-Bef 1705
Erich Mogensen Tande
Male Bef 1705-Bef 1705
Mogens Mogensen Tande
Male Bef 1706-Bef 1706
Mogens Olsen Tande
Male Abt 1667-Bef 1747
Mari Erichsdatter Glømme
Female Abt 1671-Bef 1707
Ole Mogensen Tande
Male Bef 1710-1711
Lisbet Mogensdatter Tande
Female Bef 1712-Bef 1759
Gullik Olsen Thorstad
Male Bef 1694-Bef 1759
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Anne Mogensdatter Tande
Female Bef 1714-Bef 1754
Ole Guttormsen
Male Abt 1727-Bef 1763
Giertrud Monsdatter Tande
Female Bef 1719-Bef 1748
Frands Mogensen Tande
Male Bef 1722-Bef 1801
Sigri Olsdatter
Female Abt 1719-Bef 1792
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Erich Mogensen Tande
Male Bef 1725-Bef 1748
Anne Lassesdatter Linløchen
Female Bef 1686-Bef 1757
Jørgen Johnsen Glømme
Male Bef 1698-Bef 1754
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Anne Olsdatter Tande
Female Abt 1674-Bef 1699
John Jørgensen Glømme
Male Abt 1670-Bef 1766
Erich Samuelsen Kleve
Male Bef 1712-Bef 1771
Anne Østensdatter Enge
Female Bef 1727-Bef 1787
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Sara Samuelsdatter Kleve
Female Bef 1718-Bef 1782
Ole Erichsen Melum
Male Bef 1718-Bef 1774
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Frederich Samuelsen Kleve
Male Bef 1720-Bef 1787
Eldri Halvorsdatter Lokvam
Female Abt 1707-Bef 1789
Anne Samuelsdatter Kleve
Female Abt 1725-Bef 1748
New chart
Marie Pedersdatter
Female Abt 1728-Bef 1793
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Samuel Olsen Tande
Male Abt 1679-Bef 1761
Beret Olsdatter Glømme
Female Abt 1679-Bef 1767
Iver Johnsen Aspesletten
Male Bef 1716-Bef 1765
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Ole Christensen Bierke
Male Bef 1718-Bef 1797
Kari Jensdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1720-Bef 1796
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Lisbet Olsdatter Tande
Female Bef 1683-Bef 1768
Christen Olsen Bierke
Male Abt 1658-Bef 1740
Anne Samuelsdatter Bø
Female Abt 1644-Bef 1710
Ole Mogensen Tande
Male Abt 1644-Bef 1705
Kari Torgersdatter Høvre
Female Bef 1709-Bef 1713
Frands Torgersen Bøe
Male Bef 1714-Bef 1718
John Torgersen Bøe
Male Abt 1716-Bef 1783
Rachel Halvorsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1723-Bef 1791
New chart
Peder Torgersen Bakken
Male Abt 1721-Bef 1796
Aase Evensdatter Olstad
Female Abt 1729-Bef 1796
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Marie Tostensdatter Houg
Female Abt 1732-Bef 1787
New chart
Kari Frandsdatter Bøe
Female Bef 1683-Bef 1743
Torger Johnsen Høvre
Male Bef 1673-Bef 1753
Frands Samuelsen Bøe
Male Abt 1649-Bef 1697
Ole Frandsen Bøe
Male Bef 1692-Bef 1705
Eli Grimsdatter Bergum
Female Abt 1661-Bef 1741
Peder Bergersen Wedum
Male Bef 1698-Bef 1706
Samuel Bergersen Wedum
Male Bef 1700-Bef 1773
Beret Pedersdatter Hunder
Female Bef 1701-Bef 1778
New chart
Ingeborg Bergersdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1703-Bef 1703
Ingeborg Bergersdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1704-Bef 1768
New chart
Gunder Amundsen Øverli
Male Bef 1705-Bef 1794
New chart
Anne Bergersdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1710-Bef 1777
Tøllev Olsen Bagstad
Male Bef 1709-Bef 1760
New chart
Rachel Bergersdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1713-Bef 1796
Erich Jenssen Landgaard
Male Bef 1711-Bef 1796
New chart
Peder Bergersen Wedum
Male Bef 1720-Bef 1801
Goro Olsdatter Fossum
Female Bef 1721-Bef 1801
New chart
Goro Knudsdatter Hov
Female Abt 1675-Bef 1737
Berger Pedersen Vedum
Male Bef 1671-Bef 1742
Lars Olsen Thorstad
Male Bef 1692-Bef 1769
New chart
Østen Amundsen Enge
Male Bef 1692-Bef 1765
New chart
John Clemetsen Stahlsberg
Male Bef 1706-Bef 1784
Ingeborg Larsdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1704-Bef 1774
New chart
Guttorm Torgersen Kaldor
Male Abt 1708-Bef 1760
Knud Clemetsen Stahlsberg
Male Bef 1715-Bef 1769
Anne Svendsdatter
Female Abt 1723-Bef 1805
New chart
Samuel Clemetsen Stahlsberg
Male Bef 1719-Bef 1797
Anne Knudsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1676-Bef 1739
Clemet Johnsen Stahlsberg
Male Abt 1670-Bef 1751
Marte Stensdatter Lie
Female Bef 1700-Bef 1748
Anne Stensdatter Lie
Female Bef 1703-Aft 1748
Sigri Stensdatter Lie
Female Bef 1705-Bef 1748
Ingri Knudsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1678-Bef 1743
Sten Olsen Lie
Male Abt 1662-Bef 1707
Jørgen Jenssen Lie
Male Bef 1710-Bef 1773
Rachel Pedersdatter Lie
Female Bef 1718-Bef 1774
New chart
Sten Jenssen Lie
Male Bef 1714-Bef 1759
New chart
Jens Jørgensen Schiønsberg
Male Abt 1681-Bef 1749
New chart
Knud Halvorsen Fossum
Male Bef 1712-Bef 1764
Marit Larsdatter Botterud
Female Bef 1721-Bef 1743
New chart
Marte Iversdatter Mytting
Female Bef 1723-Bef 1787
New chart
Anne Halvorsdatter Fossum
Female Bef 1715-Bef 1769
Michel Halvorsen Magelie
Male Bef 1719-Bef 1728
Rachel Halvorsdatter Mageli
Female Abt 1721-Bef 1805
Ole Hanssen Skaaden
Male Bef 1703-Bef 1755
New chart
New chart
John Reiersen Hemrom
Male Bef 1720-Bef 1813
New chart
Michel Halvorsen Magelie
Male Abt 1728-Bef 1745
Berte Knudsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1684-Bef 1766
Halvor Eriksen Vedum
Male Bef 1684-Bef 1746
Ingeborg Frandsdatter Ihle
Female Bef 1712-Bef 1749
Peder Larssen Bagstad
Male Bef 1700-Abt 1756
New chart
Ole Frandsen Ihle
Male Bef 1715-Bef 1759
Lisbet Engebretsdatter Moe
Female Bef 1718-Bef 1770
New chart
Knud Frandssen Ihle
Male 1717-Bef 1718
Knud Frandssen Ihle
Male Bef 1719-Bef 1782
New chart
Sigri Pedersdatter
Female Abt 1730-Bef 1810
New chart
New chart
Kari Knudsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1687-Bef 1745
Frands Olsen Skåe
Male Abt 1683-Bef 1746
Giertrud Knudsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1688-Bef 1725
Lisbet Knudsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1688-Bef 1690
Knud Halvorsen Hov
Male Bef 1717-Bef 1750
New chart
Rachel Halvorsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1723-Bef 1791
John Torgersen Bøe
Male Abt 1716-Bef 1783
New chart
Goro Halvorsdatter Hov
Female Abt 1728-Bef 1801
New chart
Marit Halvorsdatter Hov
Female Abt 1730-Bef 1775
Christen Svendsen Skaaden
Male Abt 1727-Bef 1811
New chart
Halvor Knudsen Hov
Male Bef 1691-Bef 1764
Mari Berdonsdatter Offigstad
Female Bef 1691-Bef 1759
Lars Erichsen Moe
Male Bef 1717-Bef 1780
Sigri Frandsdatter Kvam
Female Abt 1721-Bef 1806
New chart
Knud Erichsen Moe
Male Abt 1719-Bef 1788
New chart
Ole Erichsen Moe
Male Abt 1726-
Anne Knudsdatter Grimsrud
Female Bef 1727-Bef 1799
New chart
Rachel Erichsdatter Moe
Female Abt 1729-Bef 1811
Johannes Andersen Skar
Male Abt 1716-Bef 1773
New chart
Jørgen Erichsen Moe
Male Abt 1731-Bef 1788
New chart
Erich Larssen Moe
Male Bef 1686-Bef 1767
Rachel Samuelsdatter Skåe
Female Bef 1725-Bef 1788
Biørn Hanssen Strøm
Male Bef 1727-Bef 1797
New chart
New chart
Lisbet Olsdatter Lunche
Female Bef 1703-Bef 1789
John Nilssen Høvre
Male Abt 1728-Bef 1788
New chart
Rachel Nilsdatter Høvre
Female Abt 1738-Bef 1796
Lars Nilsen Høvre
Male Abt 1739-Bef 1795
Anne Frandsdatter Jutulstad
Female Abt 1732-Bef 1768
New chart
Lisbet Knudsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1698-Bef 1769
Nils Johnsen Høvre
Male Bef 1695-Bef 1770
Rachel Samuelsdatter Bøe
Female Abt 1652-Bef 1744
Knud Halvorsen Hov
Male Abt 1644-Bef 1724
Sigri Nilsdatter Melum
Female Bef 1707-Bef 1781
New chart
Lisbet Torgersdatter Kvam
Female Bef 1689-Bef 1690
Ole Torgersen Kvam
Male Bef 1692-Bef 1697
Torger Frandssen Kvam
Male Abt 1638-Bef 1694
Samuel Frandssen Bø
Male Abt 1616-Bef 1676
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