Ragnhild Erichsdatter

Female Abt 1643 - Bef 1739  (< 96 years)

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Kari Larsdatter Thorstad
Female Bef 1725-Bef 1799
Guttorm Larssen Wedum
Male Bef 1711-Bef 1794
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Ole Larssen Thorstad
Male Bef 1727-Bef 1811
Ragnhild Tostensdatter Lunke
Female Abt 1729-Bef 1771
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Anne Larsdatter Thorstad
Female Abt 1729-Bef 1811
Johannes Monssen Schyberg
Male Abt 1715-Bef 1769
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Clemet Larssen Thorstad
Male Bef 1733-Bef 1808
Lisbet Olsdatter Biercke
Female Bef 1743-Bef 1773
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Peder Larssen Thorstad
Male Abt 1736-Bef 1813
Anne Halvorsdatter Gillebo
Female Bef 1713-Bef 1777
Mari Andersdatter Kramprud
Female Abt 1722-Bef 1808
Lars Olsen Thorstad
Male Bef 1692-Bef 1769
Anne Østensdatter Enge
Female Bef 1727-Bef 1787
Erich Samuelsen Kleve
Male Bef 1712-Bef 1771
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Marie Østensdatter Enge
Female Abt 1728-Bef 1787
Amund Trondsen Moshuus
Male Abt 1724-Bef 1757
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Erland Pedersen Lie
Male Abt 1729-Bef 1775
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Kiersti Erichsdatter Qvam
Female Bef 1755-Bef 1783
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Amund Østensen Enge
Male Abt 1738-Bef 1753
Lisbet Østensdatter Enge
Female Bef 1740-Bef 1798
Jens Michelsen Wedum
Male Abt 1736-Bef 1789
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Guri Østensdatter Enge
Female Bef 1742-Bef 1753
Rachel Østensdatter Enge
Female Bef 1747-Bef 1778
Ole Erichsen Rindal
Male Bef 1741-Bef 1808
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Sjur Østensen Enge
Male Bef 1751-Bef 1753
Østen Amundsen Enge
Male Bef 1692-Bef 1765
Clemet Johnsen Stahlsberg
Male Abt 1731-Bef 1809
Giertrud Olsdatter Lunke
Female Abt 1731-Bef 1815
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Anne Johnsdatter Stahlsberg
Female Abt 1735-Bef 1805
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John Jenssen Jahr
Male Bef 1744-Bef 1820
Johannes Johnsen Stahlsberg
Male Abt 1737-Bef 1789
Anne Olsdatter Johnsgaard
Female Bef 1740-Bef 1823
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Peder Johnsen Stahlsberg
Male Bef 1742-Bef 1807
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John Clemetsen Stahlsberg
Male Bef 1706-Bef 1784
Ingeborg Larsdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1704-Bef 1774
Guttorm Torgersen Kaldor
Male Abt 1708-Bef 1760
Anne Knudsdatter Ourum
Female Bef 1753-Bef 1814
Erich Erichsen Hong
Male Bef 1753-Bef 1814
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Anders Johannessen Skar
Male Bef 1745-Bef 1788
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Lisbet Knudsdatter Ourum
Female Bef 1757-Bef 1770
Rachel Knudsdatter Ourum
Female Bef 1760-Bef 1760
Sigri Frandsdatter Tande
Female Bef 1762-Bef 1800
Knud Clemetsen Stahlsberg
Male Bef 1715-Bef 1769
Anne Svendsdatter
Female Abt 1723-Bef 1805
Samuel Clemetsen Stahlsberg
Male Bef 1719-Bef 1797
Clemet Johnsen Stahlsberg
Male Abt 1670-Bef 1751
Anne Knudsdatter Hov
Female Bef 1676-Bef 1739
Marit Erichsdatter Rindal
Female Abt 1736-Abt 1802
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Ragnhild Erichsdatter Rindal
Female Bef 1739-Bef 1803
Frands Trondsen Skaaden
Male Abt 1738-Bef 1799
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Ole Erichsen Rindal
Male Bef 1741-Bef 1808
Rachel Østensdatter Enge
Female Bef 1747-Bef 1778
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Erich Olsen Rindal
Male Bef 1704-Bef 1794
Marit Monsdatter Skiønsberg
Female Bef 1706-Bef 1779
Anne Tostensdatter Lie
Female Abt 1734-Bef 1771
Frands Pedersen Nermo
Male Abt 1732-Bef 1791
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Johannes Tostensen Lie
Male Bef 1739-Bef 1743
Marit Tostensdatter Lie
Female Bef 1742-Bef 1809
Berger Samuelsen Wedum
Male Abt 1735-Bef 1802
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Johannes Tostensen Lie
Male Bef 1746-Bef 1802
Kari Olsdatter Skiønsberg
Female Bef 1742-Bef 1813
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Marie Tostensdatter Lie
Female Bef 1751-Bef 1756
Tosten Johannessen Hong
Male Bef 1700-Bef 1762
Marit Christensdatter Bryn
Female Bef 1743-Bef 1806
Amund Gundersen Øverlie
Male Abt 1738-Bef 1805
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Sigri Christensdatter Bryn
Female Bef 1745-Bef 1820
Erich Larssen Moe
Male Bef 1747-Bef 1812
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Ole Christensen Bryn
Male Bef 1747-Bef 1798
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Christen Christensen Bryn
Male Bef 1750-Bef 1790
Anne Johannesdatter Råbøl
Female Bef 1758-Bef 1818
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Clemet Christensen Bryn
Male Bef 1754-Bef 1761
Jens Jenssen Jahr
Male Bef 1752-Bef 1819
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Christen Olsen Rindal
Male Bef 1712-Bef 1792
Kari Olsdatter Gilleboe
Female Bef 1712-Bef 1777
Ole Johannessen Bryn
Male Bef 1741-1824
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John Johannesen Bryn
Male Bef 1746-1827
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Frands Johannessen Bryn
Male Bef 1751-Bef 1789
Marit Johannesdatter Bryn
Female Bef 1756-Bef 1756
Marit Johannesdatter Bryn
Female Bef 1761-Bef 1806
Johannes Pedersen Lunke
Male Bef 1753-Bef 1818
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Johannes Olsen Rindal
Male Bef 1714-Bef 1802
Kari Andersdatter Simengaard
Female Abt 1719-Bef 1792
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Sara Jørgensdatter Olstad
Female Bef 1767-Bef 1795
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Peder Monssen Solberg
Male Bef 1766-Bef 1818
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John Olsen Rindal
Male Bef 1719-Bef 1807
Ole Olsen Rindal
Male Abt 1721-
Halvor Jonsen Hemrom
Male Bef 1749-1838
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Erich Clemetsen Glomstad
Male Bef 1757-Bef 1759
Marit Olsdatter Rindal
Female Bef 1766-Bef 1789
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New chart
Marit Erichsdatter Glomstad
Female Abt 1731-Bef 1792
Marit Johnsdatter Stalsberg
Female Abt 1681-Bef 1764
Ole Eriksen Rindal
Male Abt 1669-1741
Ragnhild Erichsdatter
Female Abt 1643-Bef 1739
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