Ole Hanssen Mageli

Male Abt 1640 - Bef 1720  (< 80 years)

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Anne Olsdatter Hujor
Female Bef 1747-Bef 1748
Anne Olsdatter Hujor
Female Bef 1749-Bef 1803
John Andersen
Male Abt 1741-Bef 1813
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Ole Gulliksen Elstad
Male Bef 1745-Bef 1801
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Ole Olsen Hujor
Male Bef 1754-
Ole Nilsen Johnsgaard
Male Abt 1717-Bef 1767
Anne Johnsdatter
Female Abt 1711-Bef 1800
Nils Lassesen Glømme
Male Bef 1750-Bef 1806
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Jørgen Lassesen Glømme
Male Bef 1756-Bef 1818
Ole Lassesen Glømme
Male Bef 1758-Bef 1814
Marit Nilsdatter Johnsgard
Female Abt 1719-Bef 1765
Lasse Jørgensen Glømme
Male Abt 1723-Bef 1759
Kari Nilsdatter Johnsgaard
Female Bef 1720-Bef 1751
Hans Nilsen Johnsgaard
Male Abt 1729-Bef 1805
Nils Olsen Johnsgaard
Male Bef 1683-Bef 1735
Anne Engebretsdatter Hovde
Female Bef 1696-Bef 1782
Peder Johnsen Ledum
Male Bef 1748-Bef 1774
Lisbet Johnsdatter Ledum
Female Bef 1751-Bef 1789
Iver Knudsen Mytting
Male Bef 1749-1840
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Christen Johnsen Ledum
Male Abt 1755-Bef 1756
Anne Johnsdatter Ledum
Female Bef 1757-Bef 1761
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Kari Olsdatter Ledum
Female Abt 1720-Bef 1800
John Olsen Skar
Male Bef 1714-Bef 1766
Lisbet Olsdatter Johnsgaard
Female Bef 1685-Bef 1749
Jens Stensen Lie
Male Bef 1744-Bef 1784
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Kari Andersdatter Lien
Female Bef 1718-Aft 1801
Torger Larssen Biørge
Male Bef 1715-Bef 1753
Anders Frandsen v. Glømme
Male Bef 1753-Bef 1753
Anders Frandsen v. Glomstad
Male Bef 1763-Bef 1764
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Frands Svendsen Glomstad
Male Bef 1727-Bef 1808
John Larssen Kappelrud
Male Bef 1756-1826
Sigri Larsdatter Kappelrud
Female Bef 1759-Bef 1761
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Lars Johnsen Romundgaard
Male Abt 1712-Bef 1769
Sigri Olsdatter Johnsgaard
Female Bef 1693-Bef 1769
Anders Iversen Lien
Male Abt 1686-Bef 1774
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Tosten Johannessen Sandvig
Male Bef 1745-Bef 1819
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Jens Clemetsen Bjerke
Male Bef 1775-Bef 1822
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Aase Erichsdatter Hunder
Female Abt 1734-Bef 1800
Lisbet Jensdatter Johnsgaard
Female Bef 1779-Bef 1785
Marit Olsdatter Hemrom
Female Abt 1779-1867
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Jens Johannessen Jonsgaard
Male Bef 1734-Bef 1807
Johannes Berdonsen Flatemoe
Male Bef 1765-Bef 1769
Ole Berdonsen Flatemoe
Male Bef 1767-Bef 1808
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Berdon Madssen Sprechenhuus
Male Bef 1720-Bef 1806
Lisbet Olsdatter Jahr
Female Bef 1768-1850
Knud Olsen Løvlien
Male Bef 1764-1837
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Anne Olsdatter Jahr
Female Bef 1771-Bef 1813
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Ole Johannessen Jonsgard
Male Abt 1739-Bef 1811
Kiersti Trondsdatter Skaaden
Female Abt 1730-Bef 1775
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Anne Olsdatter Moe
Female 1785-Bef 1785
Anne Pedersdatter Holmen
Female Bef 1745-Bef 1785
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Marte Iversdatter Mytting
Female Bef 1723-Bef 1787
Mari Nilsdatter Johnsgaard
Male Bef 1762-Bef 1763
Ouden Nilsen Lysbakken
Male Bef 1764-Bef 1811
Goro Jensdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1764-1839
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Nils Oudensen Hong
Male Abt 1734-Bef 1816
Johannes Olsen Jonsgaard
Male Bef 1696-Bef 1767
Lisbet Jensdatter Wedum
Female Bef 1706-Bef 1745
Erland Nilssen
Male Bef 1761-
Ole Nilsen v. Wedum
Male Bef 1767-1824
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Rolv Nilssen Bierkestuen
Male Bef 1770-Bef 1770
Nils Erlandsen v. Skarprud
Male Bef 1739-Bef 1787
Kari Olsdatter Wasrud
Female Bef 1765-Bef 1765
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Knud Hanssen
Male Abt 1752-
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Anne Engebretsdatter Wasrud
Female Bef 1742-Bef 1819
Erland Olsen Johnsgaard
Male Bef 1700-Bef 1751
Kari Olsdatter
Female Abt 1702-Bef 1755
Sigri Olsdatter Johnsgaard
Female Bef 1701-Bef 1779
Male Abt 1694-Bef 1777
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Ole Hanssen Mageli
Male Abt 1640-Bef 1720
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