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Of the five hay barns built by Tor Kaldor on the land below the farm, three had to be torn down when the Alpine Center was established in 1988. One of those remaining is Hakkespettlåven (the Woodpecker barn), so called because the eastern front is completely perforated by woodpeckers. The barn was built in the 1930es and is situated close to what today is the paddock area of the Alpine Center. In 1994 the ground floor was insulated and served as an office for the cultural program taking place in Hafjell during the 1994 Winter Olympics.

Emmy Johanne’s Play House was built by Sverre Austvik as a present for her 3rd birthday, in October 1995. Sverre also made a similar house for another granddaughter, Marianne, who tuned 3 in May 1995.

The farm also has a Hemseter situated in the woods between the main farm and the summer farm at approximately 650 meters above sea level. This cottage was traditionally used when the cattle was taken to the mountain in the summer, thus utilizing the grazing all the way up. It is no in a state of disrepair, but its location next to one of the skilifts makes it a possible project for future development.

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