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Most Norwegian farms have a summer farm in a nearby mountain. The summer farm let farmers utilize the vast mountain-areas which are uninhabitable in winter, but rich and fertile in summer. With a few exceptions nobody can own land in the mountains, but farms traditionally have a right to establish summer farms as long as the land is used for agricultural purposes.

The main purpose of the summer farm was to serve as a base for the farm animals that were sent to graze in the mountains, but many farms had areas that were cultivated as well. Since the animals would give milk, and the distances involved to the main farm frequently made it impossible to transport perishable products, the summer farm had to have many of the same facilities for dairy production as the main farm. The same goes for storage, a lot of the produce like hay and wood could only be transported back to the main farm in winter, when it was possible to access roadless areas by horse and sleigh.

Kaldor Farm has had itís summer farm at Nysetra at least since 1685. It lies below the top of the Hafjell-mountain, at 950 meters above sea level and approximately 3,5 kilometers above the main farm . As such Nysetra is one of the summer farm areas closest to the village, which was an advantage with respect to accessibility and growth season, but a disadvantage when it came to the rich grazing lands available further into the mountains.

There are presently 4 buildings at the summer farm; the farm house, the barn (fjøset), a hay barn and wood shed (skåle). The animals are no longer brought to the summer farm, but there are about 9 acres (35 da) of cultivated land, which has been recultivated and enlarged by the present owners. The place is accessible by car in summer, in winter we have to ski.

Lying at the edge of the mountain the summer farm at Nysetra has a fabulous view, with the mountain range of Jotunheimen to the east, Rondane to the north and the village of Øyer below. (Click on the photo to see it in full size)

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