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Moooch welcome to our digital cowmunity!

We, the Mooos of Kaldor Farm, have finally succeeded in mooing our webmaster into building a better barn for us along the information highway of the world. And we are not moooving!

In addition to the inevitable links and photos we are sharing our thoughts on world ideologies with you. A mooost for students of politics of all ages and levels!

Mooos in Winter
What our mooo's do in winter

At last!

Finally cows are claiming their rightful place in the world of art. The first Cowparade was held in Zurich,Switzerland in 1998. In 1999 the cows paraded in Chicago and in 2000 herds invaded Salzburg in Austria, Arnhem in the Netherlands and New York City. 

Read more about cowparades here: 

CowParade Holdings AG
Cowparade New York 2000

Daisy's dream
Daisy's dream. One of more than 500 cows on parade in New York City in the summer of 2000. 

T-Bone and Filet live in New Jersey, US. You can meet them «live» at The Amazing CowCam. The picture is updated every 5 minutes. If the cows aren't being cooperative, there are archive pictures. 
In the succession of terrorist organizations on the web we are happy to present The Cow Liberation Army Faction (TCLAF). The goal of the organization is to free cows all over the world. 
Do your mooos have the mad cows disease? Check here.
Have u ever seen Cow-fu fighting
In the mooosic department we recommend Cows with guns by Dana Lyons. Audio and lyrics available.
The Complete Guide to Cows.
The MOO-COW CAFEteria offers MOO-art, links to other MOO-pages and the possibility to download the indispensable game COW WAR.
Did you ever wonder about underCOWer activities? Here is a link to CIA (the Cow Intelligence Agency). Also known as The Cowpany! 
A*L*O*T Angus Association has a list of COWtents that is impressive!
Download the ultimate COW screensaver

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