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The Reaaly Useful List of Cow-terms

COWtents: 1) What's inside your MOOOs.
2) Index to MOOO-related Web-Pages.

COWspiracy: See MOOOtiny.

COWloon City: Favored vacation resort for Chinese Cows.

COWment: Another word for MOOO

COW-host: Hosts talkshows(?) on MOOO-TV.

COWgestion: Too many MOOOS

COW-How: 1) What you know about MOOOs.
2) What MOOOs know about you.

COWlslaw: Not a very pleasant thought!

COWleague: Fellow MOOO

COWabunga: See illustration below.


Please help us add to the Really Useful List of Cow Terms by sending your contribution to If you do not see your suggestions on this page within a reasonable amount of time it could mean:
1) The MOOOs didn't like it.
2) We didn't like it.
3) The MOOOs have run away and we are too busy collecting them to update this page.

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