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(The Storage House)
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Stabburet is one of the oldest buildings on the farm, although we do not know exactly when it was built. Originally it was two separate buildings, which were joined at some point of time, one on top of the other (16000s and 1700s, respectively). The bottom part is the oldest. The front and staircase were added later, the bell tower in 1994. 

Stabburet has been moved twice in recent times. Originally it was located below (to the west of and below) the main house. It was then a twin door and two floors 2-3 times bgger than the present version. It had to be moved in order to give room for the new tool house in 1986. It was then moved to a site a little north and east of where it stands today. The second move, which took place in 1991, was done to facilitate the building of a mound to serve as a natural fence between the farm and the Hafjell Alpine Center. In 1986 the house was torn apart and rebuilt at its new site, the second time it was moved with a crane. The last operation took less than five minutes. 

The bell tower and bell was added by the present owners in 1994. It is used at Christmas and on the eve before Whitsun, it being a local tradition for farms to ring their bells to mark the start of this holiday. In older timews it was used to call people from the fields to come and eat.

A «Stabbur» was used for storing food and other supplies. Today it is renovated with one sleeping room in each floor with a capacity of 2+2 = 4 persons, often with the Førå - or Vetlstugua.