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(The Old Farm House)
The Old Farm House was built by Guttorm Torgiersen Kaldor. It was finished in June 1747 (there’s an inscription in the main rafter) and was used as a farm house, first for the entire farm, then for Northern Kaldor. The house was used as a living quarter until around 1890. In this period it only had a small loft above the main floor, accessed by a ladder from the bedroom. Around 1910 the roof was raised to create a larger room, and a staircase was added. This was done because Ole Thorgersen Kaldor and his wife Johanne planned to use this house when they handed over the farm to their son. However they both died before this plan was realized and the renovation was never completed. The house was then used as a workshop and later as storage room. It was in pretty bad shape when the present owners took over the farm. 

In 1992 we decided that the house was too important to be left in such a state and started to renovate it. We had copies made of the old windows and did a full exchange, later also of the roof. Likewise the old hallway was torn down and rebuild in the old style. The ground floor was renovated in a style consistent with the way such a house would have looked in the late 19th century, while the second floor has got a more modern look. The full restoration of the house was completed in 2007, and separate appartments in each floor established with a sleeping capacity of 3 persons in each. 

Interiors from the ground floor of Vetlstugua
The ground floor of Vetlstugua is today used as a guesthouse - also for rent. Area:  60 m2 -  Build 1747 Renovated 2008 - Building material: timber -  Insulated for all seasons -  Laid out garden  -  Parking: next to the house ( 2 cars) - Under floor heating in bath (celler). - Sleeping capacity: 3 Persons (2 bed coach in main room, 1 bed in sideroom / kitchen)

Amenities: Woodburning stove / Large open fireplace. Electric heating, 1-TV: Satellite, European. Radio. Washing machine w/ Tumbler drier. Microwave oven  - Refrigerator, Freezer, 150 L. Hot and cold water: Underground water source - drink it from the tap! Electric cooker / Coffee brewer / Vacuum Coffe Pot / Vacuum cleaner. Garden furniture and Barbecue (open fireplace outside)-  Playhouse. Wireless internet access 

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