Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO



Location : Latitude: 61.5141084, Longitude: 10.1337277


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Randklev, Peder Olsen  Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I4917
2 Randklev, Tjøstolv Pedersen  Abt 1589Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7301
3 Randklev, Gudbrand Pedersen  Abt 1595Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7300
4 Randklev, Kari Arnesdatter  Abt 1683Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I9580
5 Randklev, Peder Gudbrandsen  Abt 1687Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I4323
6 Randklev, Ole Gudbrandsen  Bef 19 Dec 1697Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7190
7 Randklev, Mari Olsdatter  Bef 22 Nov 1716Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6975
8 Randklev, Arne Olsen  Bef 08 Jan 1719Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6968
9 Randklev, Anne Olsdatter  Bef 05 Oct 1721Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6973
10 Randklev, Ingeborg Pedersdatter  Bef 31 Mar 1726Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7106
11 Randklev, Kari Pedersdatter  Bef 05 Mar 1729Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I4486
12 Randklev, Ole Arnesen  Bef 04 Jun 1753Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6969


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harildstad, Kari (Ragnhild) Sjugurdsdatter  Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I4916
2 Randklev, Ole Engebretsen  Bef 13 Apr 1714Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7149
3 Rottås, Aagot Poulsdatter  1719Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I9560
4 Randklev, Ole Arnesen  Bef 19 May 1737Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6268
5 Randklev, Arne Olsen  Bef 19 Aug 1761Randklev, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I6968
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