Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO



Address : Latitude: 61.5876493, Longitude: 10.0549721


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Faarestad, Iver Hansen  Bef 01 Dec 1731Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7307
2 Faarestad, Christen Gudbrandsen  Bef 29 Dec 1720Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7278
3 Faarestad, Giertrud Gudbrandsdatter  Bef 12 Sep 1717Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7277
4 Faarestad, Karen Gudbrandsdatter  Bef 28 Jul 1715Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I1395
5 Forestad, Østen Knudsen  Bef 30 Nov 1710Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I1254
6 Forestad, Mari Knudsdatter  Bef 22 Sep 1707Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I2354
7 Forestad, Ramus Knudsen  Bef 30 Apr 1706Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I9552
8 Forestad, Mari Knudsdatter  Bef 25 Jan 1705Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I9551
9 Faarestad, Marit Iversdatter  Abt 1669Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I5969


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Faarestad, Marit Iversdatter  Bef 05 Jul 1767Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I5969
2 Faarestad, Karen Gudbrandsdatter  Bef 21 Nov 1765Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I1395
3 Haugstad, Hans Gudbrandsen  Bef 14 Jul 1761Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7306
4 Gunstad, Gudbrand Christensen  Bef 01 Mar 1751Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I5968
5 Faarestad, Christen Gudbrandsen  Bef 18 Apr 1747Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7278
6 Ingeborg Erichsdatter  Bef 08 Mar 1729Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7352
7 Faarestad, Iver Gullichsen  Bef 13 May 1725Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I7305
8 Forestad, Mari Knudsdatter  Bef 28 May 1713Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I2354
9 Knud Rasmussen  Bef 16 Feb 1713Faarestad, Ringebu, Oppland, NO I2352
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