Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO


Address : Latitude: 61.2576649, Longitude: 10.4165410


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sundgaarden, Amund Olsen  07 Dec 1780Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8724
2 Sundgaarden, Anne Knudsdatter  Bef 01 Mar 1715Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8711
3 Sundgaarden, Anne Knudsdatter  19 Nov 1822Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8555
4 Sundgaarden, Anne Olsdatter  10 Jun 1782Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8725
5 Sundgaarden, Christoffer Olsen  Bef 25 May 1775Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8722
6 Sundgaarden, Engebret Knudsen  Abt 1717Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8712
7 Sundgaarden, Engebret Knudsen  13 Dec 1810Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8551
8 Sundgaarden, Engebret Knudsen  11 Jul 1813Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8552
9 Sundgaarden, Erich Knudsen  Bef 12 Mar 1719Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8713
10 Sundgaarden, Erich Olsen  Bef 29 Nov 1772Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8721
11 Sundgaarden, Gunhild Olsdatter  Bef 20 Dec 1767Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8718
12 Sundgaarden, Ingeborg Knudsdatter  30 Aug 1807Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8550
13 Sundgaarden, Johannes Olsen  Bef 25 Jul 1770Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8720
14 Sundgaarden, John Knudsen  13 Jun 1819Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8554
15 Sundgaarden, Kiersti Johnsdatter  28 May 1786Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3738
16 Sundgaarden, Kiersti Knudsdatter  17 Nov 1804Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8549
17 Sundgaarden, Knud Johnsen  04 Jan 1781Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3737
18 Sundgaarden, Marit Knudsdatter  08 Aug 1815Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8553
19 Sundgaarden, Ole Olsen  Bef 11 Jan 1778Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8723
20 Sundgaarden, Peder Olsen  24 Nov 1785Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I5061
21 Sundgaarden, Rønnoug Erichsdatter  Bef 11 Feb 1748Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8714
22 Sundgaarden, Torger Johnsen  Bef 29 Aug 1779Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3736


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aasletten, Lars Erlandsen  Bef 18 Dec 1795Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I399
2 Baardseng, Ole Olsen  Bef 08 Aug 1785Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I5135
3 Baardseng, Peder Olsen  Bef 08 Aug 1785Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I5136
4 Bagstad, Anne Olsdatter  Bef 28 Dec 1795Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I366
5 Kampen, Inge Iversdatter  30 Jan 1833Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I665
6 Løvlien, Kiersti Knudsdatter  Bef 17 Mar 1787Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3249
7 Sorgendal, Maren Christensdatter  10 Jun 1786Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I5966
8 Sundby, Guro Engebretsdatter  Bef 08 Mar 1722Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8708
9 Sundby, Rønnoug Engebretsdatter  Bef 24 Apr 1746Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8703
10 Sundgaarden, Engebret Knudsen  Bef 24 Apr 1718Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8712
11 Sundgaarden, Engebret Knudsen  Bef 17 May 1813Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8551
12 Sundgaarden, Kiersti Johnsdatter  Bef 17 Apr 1789Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I3738
13 Sundgaarden, Ole Olsen  Bef 08 Aug 1785Sundgaarden, Øyer, Oppland, NO I8723
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