Karen Haldorsdatter Romsås


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Anne Johnsdatter Myre
Female Bef 1721-Bef 1785
Johannes Johnsen Blessom
Male Abt 1707-Bef 1745
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Christen Christensen Knappen
Male Bef 1722-Bef 1794
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Ole Johnsen Myre
Male Bef 1726-
Torger Johnsen Myre
Male Bef 1729-1729
John Olsen Myre
Male Abt 1677-Bef 1774
Kari Olsdatter
Female Abt 1677-Bef 1748
Ole Poulsen Rottås
Male Bef 1708-Bef 1787
Elen Christensdatter Strande
Female Bef 1706-Bef 1766
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Torger Poulsen Rottås
Male Bef 1714-1718
Ole Poulsen Rottås
Male Bef 1716-Bef 1744
Sigtru Poulsdatter Rottås
Female Bef 1718-Aft 1718
Karen Poulsdatter Rottås
Female Bef 1720-Bef 1742
Torger Poulsen Rottås
Male Bef 1722-Bef 1752
John Poulsen Rottås
Male Bef 1725-Bef 1725
John Poulsen Rottås
Male Bef 1728-Abt 1802
Anne Ellingsdatter Odlo
Female Bef 1728-Bef 1773
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Kari Olsdatter Myre
Female Abt 1678-Bef 1764
Poul Baardsen Rottås
Male Abt 1681-Bef 1753
Ole Torgersen Lunde
Male Bef 1733-Aft 1801
Else Engebretsdatter Melum
Female Bef 1734-Bef 1780
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Torger Olsen Myre
Male Abt 1695-Bef 1740
Engebret Olsen Bystad
Male Bef 1716-1718
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Ole Johnsen Bystad
Male Abt 1683-Bef 1753
Ole Johnsen Myre
Male Abt 1646-Bef 1736
Jon Jørgensen Segalstad
Male Abt 1649-Abt 1682
Mari Olsdatter Lindvig
Female Bef 1726-Bef 1728
Ole Olsen Lindvig
Male 1729-Bef 1773
Anne Engebretsdatter Melum
Female Bef 1731-Bef 1769
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Ole Pedersen Lindvig
Male Abt 1689-Bef 1742
Karen Olsdatter Holåker
Female Abt 1699-Bef 1771
Mari Iversdatter Berg
Female Abt 1651-Bef 1728
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