Biørn Olsen Rindal


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Ole Sivertsen Maacherue
Male Bef 1698-Bef 1737
Goro Siversdatter Maacherue
Female Bef 1700-Bef 1788
Gudbrand Johannessen Høvre
Male Bef 1693-Abt 1738
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Amund Engebretsen
Male Bef 1702-Bef 1775
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Peder Siversen Maacherue
Male Bef 1702-Bef 1759
Kiersti Johannesdatter Jevne
Female Bef 1721-Bef 1789
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Erich Pedersen Hunder
Male Bef 1694-Bef 1761
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Ole Sivertsen Mochrud
Male Abt 1630-Bef 1708
Knud Biørnsen Botterud
Male Bef 1672-Bef 1694
Goro Oudensdatter Botterud
Female Bef 1702-Bef 1765
Torger Oudensen Botterud
Male Bef 1705-Bef 1781
Beret Frandsdatter Nærmoe
Female Bef 1712-Bef 1788
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Knud Oudensen Botterud
Male Bef 1707-Bef 1762
Rachel Olsdatter Lien
Female Bef 1713-Bef 1783
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Biørn Oudensen Botterud
Male Bef 1713-Bef 1785
Anne Knudsdatter Strøm
Female Bef 1720-Bef 1784
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Kari Oudensdatter Botterud
Female Bef 1713-Bef 1713
Ouden Torgersen Skåe
Male Bef 1671-Bef 01.02.1720
Biørn Biørnsen Botterud
Male Bef 1682-Bef 1701
Anne Biørnsdatter Botterud
Female Bef 1685-Bef 1686
Erich Biørnsen Botterud
Male Bef 1685-Bef 1685
Biørn Biørnsen Botterud
Male Abt 1643-Bef 1713
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